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About Me


My name is Aimee and I have a passion for all things History. I am married, with 3 sons, and we live in North Yorkshire. I have a BA Hons in History from the University of Wales, Bangor, and have recently graduated with a MA in Early Modern History from the University of York. I have worked in historical attractions and in various roles within the heritage sector for nearly 20 years. I currently write around my home life, working on fiction and non-fiction works around the Early Modern period, as well as this blog.

My period of interest is Early Modern British and European history, with particular focus on religious and political issues to do with Tudor England. I plan on covering a wide range of subjects and periods though, as history is such a broad subject and I confess I find it all fascinating. I hope to bring you articles and short opinion pieces about matters relating to history, as well as reviews of historical attractions, books, articles and documentaries. As a Mum I also have an interest in history education provision and will write a little about this too. I welcome suggestions so if there’s anything you would like to know more about or something that you feel is missing, please do get in touch. I also have availability for talks in 2019. If you are a group in the York or Ryedale areas please get in touch to arrange a talk on any historical subject.